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I recently switched my old server to a new one and with it… I decided to drop the bad habits and install a continuous integration server. For its simplicity, I'm currently trying to work with Strider. I'm not really interested in installing a Java Continuous Integration server like Jenkins or TeamCity.

Yet Strider looks nice and seems to work good enough. It looks like a quite new project and it has a lot of problem yet.

As far as I can tell, it is able to deploy my project from bitbucket, but it doesn't seem to be able to redeploy on its own whenever a change is occuring. I might be wrong and it is just checking for change on a longer period of time.

One of the big problem is that the server is not setting up webhooks correctly. Even though the domain is correctly configured, it will setup hooks for http://localhost:3000 on bitbucket and github. Modifying them by hand should fix the issues.


I'm pretty sure there is a clean way to do it but I kind of fixed my issue. Plugins seems to redefine their own “hostname” thing and for that reason, the post webhook wasn't working. Even if I changed the hooks on github or bitbucket to point to my host, I'd have a “invalid signature” error. The reason for that is that the url is probably encoded with the hostname and if the hostname was “localhost” and the signature sent by bitbucket contains a different host, it won't validate. There is probably a way to make sure that these hosts default to SERVER_NAME. But for now, I have no idea.

Problem solved!

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